Thursday, March 22, 2007

More Etsy Inspiration

I don't think I will ever get enough of Etsy. The online array of pretty crafts--from vintage to kitschy, to modern and recycled--seems endless:

This flower pin ($12) is on my wish list. I know it will make a fresh statement for my white t-shirts for summer. Check out the crafter Tamar and her other crafts.

Beads have never been so unique and so much fun to look at. Check out Tsunami Beads:

Collage pendants are my favorite now, but I have no idea how to solder silver or if I am willing to commit to the craft:

Or maybe I could try bamboo tiles:

Actually, I check out their showcase every day, just taking in the creative energy, hoping for inspiration. . .

It's easy to post your creations online at Etsy. It costs just $7. I think about the fabulous Filipino talent back home and how their wares will easily stand out.

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Thera Trico e Croche said...

seu blog é lindo,bem criatico,tenho blog de trico e croche,espero sua visita seu parecer e sua amizade,que tal trocarmos os links?o meu é *thera trico e croche*aguardo sua resp: