Monday, February 26, 2007

Etsy Online--Buy and Sell your Homemade Art

Check out Etsy--the online market for posting your own stuff. They have lots of crocheters, knitters, jewelry, ceramics, and funky artists. I have scoured Ebay and Amazon but Etsy is the champ when it comes to homemade art and crafts.

And if crochet is your craft of choice, check out cute embellishments at Strung Out Design

Check out the cutest vintage-looking pendant and charms from Gee Lizzie, just $10:

How about some doll brooches at Home Artist:

and hats, hats, hats at Tepperwear.

I found precious hand-crafted pendants by Pixnit for $7. Check them out:

They have hand painted furniture, paper art/stationery--everything your crafting heart desires. Who knows, because for only $7 you can post your online store or resources there for 24 hours, you might want to showcase your hidden stash, too?